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Motivated by her teachers, peers, environment and travels Stephanie aims to bring a unique blend of empowerment, inspiration + serenity to each of her classes. Her clients include high profile companies, private students, and group classes in studio settings. She received her training at Sonic Yoga NYC receiving her Yoga Alliance accredited RYT certification in 2015.

Stephanie teaches vinyasa yoga in a way that encourages her students to experience a vigorous physical practice with attention to careful alignment as well as freedom and emotional release. In her classes you can expect a creative joyful flow incorporating inspirational music, pranayama breathing techniques, readings, & motivational mantras. Stephanie is committed to helping students improve their wellness, get back to nature, nourish their bodies, explore their creativity, build confidence and have fun!


Her fire for teaching yoga + meditation is fueled by the desire to inspire others to look within and take a moment away from everyday distractions, ultimately relieving stress and finding peace. She is also deeply passionate about cultivating community + returning to nature which motivates her to lead group events, workshops, volunteering opportunities, and retreats. Follow Stephanie on Facebook or Instagram to see her current group class schedule. Subscribe to her Newsletter below to stay up to date with upcoming activities.

Stephanie regularly teaches private and public classes all over New York City.

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We absolutely love Stephanie. Fantastic yoga sessions catered to your needs and requests - not to mention just being in her presence brings a sense of calm and puts you in a zen-like state immediately.

Alison + Mark T.

New York, NY / Expecting Parents

I met Stephanie in her 200 hour teacher training in July 2015 and she stood out amongst what proved to be an outstanding class, demonstrating unusually high aptitude in picking up the nuances of teaching yoga. She has a discerning eye, a great touch and a passion for the tradition, beauty and healing power of yoga.


Stephanie's practice and teaching are grounded in her experience healing her own back injury through yoga. This perspective informs her teaching and fuels a unique appreciation for the restorative and transformative powers of the practice. She's already found success leading a variety of students, including young and old, pregnant, beginners, those who suffer chronic pain and those who are deepening an already solid practice.

Keith Pardington

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 / Senior Teacher, Sonic Yoga

I came to Stephanie wanting to heal a shoulder injury and strengthen my core after healing from a serious abdominal surgery. I wanted to work with someone who not only understood the inner workings of the physical body but who also understood the importance of working with the energy body. Within minutes of sharing my story with her I knew she was the rIght match for me! Her knowledge, expertise and personal experience in using yoga to heal and strengthen the body is only exceeded by her vibrant and joyful nature. 


Stephanie is a gentle, kind and grounded spirit who honors bio-individuality. She is masterful at personalizing each movement to fit her client's needs and support their overall goals. She helped me find the right balance between knowing when to keep going on a pose that was challenging for the areas I was working to strengthen and when to adjust to a different position to protect from further injury. In every session I felt challenged and taken care of all at the same time. 


As a new to medium level yoga practitioner, I also greatly benefited from Stephanie's attention to detail. She helped me to perfect my poses through truly understanding them and their function for the body and the chakras. In only 10 sessions together I healed my shoulder, gained tremendous strength in the rest of my body and felt rejuvenated each week. I love how she frames each session within one of the 4 elements and focus on opening specific chakras. Her music and the inspiring passages she also shares round out the entire empowering experience. 


Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with. More than a yoga teacher, she has become a caring and thoughtful friend and I would recommend her tailor-made services to anyone looking for a nurturing and nourishing experience. 

Marisol R.

New York, NY / 41, Mother of 2

Stephanie is an amazing yoga teacher and goes above and beyond to make her clients feel comfortable yet challenged while practicing. I've taken Stephanie's Beginner Yoga and Vinyasa classes and felt that she carefully instructed me based on my own personal level. I always left the classes feeling more flexible and stronger than when I started. Stephanie is also very mindful and ensures that you are performing each position correctly to avoid injury and get the most out of your practice. I would suggest her for all level classes!

Carissa Rea

New York, NY / 24, Marathon Runner

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