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What Does it Mean to be Human?


This week I've been thinking about our humanity. What does it mean to be human?

We constantly receive messaging from the media to strive for perfection, that we are not good enough, there's always something to add to make us happier. But what we come to learn through the yogic teachings is that making mistakes and being fallible is all part of the growth process on the path to enlightenment.  We can either allow our weaknesses to veil us in darkness, making us static and immobile or become humble to our humanity, accepting that we must fail in order to learn. It is how we go forward that defines usLoving ourselves, exactly as we are imperfections and all, is part of this challenge. In the words of Deborah Adele from her beautiful book The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice :

Love lies at the core of nonviolence and begins with our love of self. Not a love that is ego-centric but a love that is forgiving and lenient; a love that sees the humor in the imperfections and accepts the fullness of the human expression. Without forgiveness, we carry guilt like a heavy burden around our hearts. Only when we find love for all the parts of ourselves, can we begin to express fully the love that wells up inside of us for others. Lead by the way you live. Love and be loved.

Namaste Friends,  Stephanie

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